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If for some reason, the Overseas Contract Worker is repatriated , and the medical reason for this is within the bounds of the medical examinations done within the period of Three (3) Months from the time of examination and it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that during the said medical, the reason was present and should have been detected, the Clinic agrees to pay the worker's transportation fare from jobsite to Manila.

This guarantee, however, does not cover diseases or conditions that would require special procedures and examinations for their detection such as, but not limited to, Bronchiectasis which needs Bronchography; Peptic Ulcer; Gall Bladder diseases which need Chole GI Series; certain Kidney problems which need IVP; and also those which are asymptomatic at the time of examination, provided that the applicant worker does not employ deceit in the course of medical examinations such substitution of false medical and dental history to the examining physician and other analogous deceitful acts. Pregnancy Test, Psychometric Evaluation, Cerebrovascular Accidents and Parasitism are not included in the guarantee stipulated above.

Special features on our medical forms have been added and devised in order to make them tamper-proof against unscrupulous elements.

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